Show 27 Saturday 29 April

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Sarah’s Diary
#2 Baseball game

Last Sunday, I went to a baseball game.

Before the game started, I saw some players wearing blue caps.

I saw a guy warming up.

I saw a bird shoot something into the crowd.

I saw some people in interesting costumes selling beer.

I interviewed a person in the crowd.

I saw some kids playing baseball.

I saw lots of big cameras.

During the game …
I saw some nice hits.

I saw miyamoto preparing to hit.

I saw Miyamoto hit the ball.

I saw another nice hit.

I saw a pretty beer girl.

I saw a lovely rear end.

I saw a Japanese flag.

I saw some players having a bit of a talk.

I saw a guy practicing pitching.

I saw Huruta.

I interviewed a fan again. I asked him how he felt now that his prediction was wrong and his favourite team was losing.

I saw the final score.

And after quite a few beers … a final interview.


3 thoughts on “Show 27 Saturday 29 April

  1. matt

    lol, a drunk sarah. I think you should get completly wasted and do a show. It’s interesting to see peoples personalities change as their intoxication increases.

  2. Anonymous

    hey ı really like your shows .I’m an english teacher to be and wanna ask you that have you got anything talking about apostrophes ?ı haven’t got the time to think about sth interesting but for tomorrow ı really need some ideas .
    thanks a lot for everything bye .


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