Show 81 Thursday 22 June

World Cup special! Today I asked people in the street who they thought would win the Japan-Brazil game.

Watch the show at YouTube or grouper.


2 thoughts on “Show 81 Thursday 22 June

  1. teacher dude

    I Loved the video. Without wanting to sound too geeky, what kind of equipment do you use to produce this ?

    Could I do something like this with an ordinary digital camera ?

  2. sarah

    Thanks : )

    Computer: Compaq nx9030
    Digital video camera: Panasonic NV-GS70
    Digital camera: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX9
    Video editing software: Adobe Premiere Elements

    I think my camera might be half broken because sometimes the colour randomly changes. But it may be my fault, and not the machine.
    Sometimes I have problems with the microphone connection because it is cheap/useless.
    I’m not a computer/camera expert, and I don’t know if these things are good or not compared to what else is available.
    For what I am doing, I think ideas and creativity are more important than the equipment anyway.

    I think it is still possible to make a great show with the cheapest equipment and most basic editing software.

    Could you do something like this with an ordinary digital camera? You mean interview people in the street? Yeah, I think so. Anything is possible. The sound quality probably wouldn’t be so good without a mic. And if your camera was too small, people might not stop and talk to you.


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