Show 98 Sunday 9 July

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sunday kitchen
#13 Adzuki bars

Azuki bars are made by the company imuraya.
They contain sugar, adzuki beans, “mizuame” (clear, glutinous malt-sugar), GE free corn starch, salt.
And 149 calories.
You can buy azuki bars at a supermarket or convenience store.
You can buy one bar.
Or a box of six bars.
They are very convenient to eat.
They don’t need to be prepared or cooked.
You don’t need a knife and fork, or chopsticks.
You only need your fingers to open the wrapping and hold onto the stick.
You can eat azuki bars when you are: reading a book, using a fan, watching The Daily English Show.
You can even eat them standing in a river.
I love azuki bars.

Music by Drop Trio.
Track 3: Melody, melody. From the album Big Dipper.
Used with permission from
Drop Trio’s site.
About Drop Trio on
Listen to the album.


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