Show 112 Sunday 23 July

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sunday kitchen
#15 Nama Grapefruit Sour

When I go to an izakaya, I like drinking nama grapefruit sour.
So, I decided to try and make it at home.
Nama means fresh.
Sour means a drink made with shochu and soda water.
To make nama grapefruit sour, you need:

1 glass
1 grapefruit
Some ice
Some shochu
And some soda water

First, put the ice into the glass.
Then, put some shochu into the glass.
About this much.
Next, pour the grapefruit juice in.
Then, add soda water.
And mix.
Mmm good.

Music by Drop Trio.
From the album Big Dipper.
Used with permission from
Drop Trio’s site.
About Drop Trio on
Listen to the album.


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