Show 184 Friday 3 November

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 3: Nikko to Nasu
Distance: 155 kms

In Nikko we had delicious curry for dinner and stayed in Hotel Viva Nikko.
It got points for being clean and spacious. And for the coffee in the lobby.
And I liked this poetic English: Please don’t smoke while strolling about the ryokan.
The only minus points were for the internet only being available in the lobby. And paper cups. I like glass.
Three stars.

The next day we did some sightseeing in Nikko. It was really beautiful.
It was really crowded because it’s a long weekend. Today is a national holiday called “bunka no hi” (culture day).

We went to Toshogu shrine. 1300yen. Mmm expensive.

We saw the horse. Its name is Koha. I wasn’t that impressed with the New Zealand government for sending this horse to Japan to stand here and have people take photos of it.

This is Tokugawa Ieyasu’s grave.
This is something he said just before he died: Life is like traveling along a long road with a heavy weight on your back so you shouldn’t hurry.
And this is a famous sleeping cat.
I bought an omikuji. I got kichi which means good, but not great.
It was pretty long so I couldn’t be bothered reading it – but it probably said I’m going to have a great life.

After Nikko the plan was to go to an onsen that we’d been to before. We went there once after snowboarding and really liked it.
We drove along some mountain roads and got kind of lost.
The scenery was really beautiful.

We eventually found the onsen. It’s called Tanakaya. It’s an outdoor pool by a river. To get to it you have to walk down 300 steps.
It’s a mixed onsen, so I could see lots of naked boys. It was quite exciting.


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