Show 187 Monday 6 November

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The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 6: Fukushima to Sendai
Distance: 114 kms

We stayed at Toyoko Inn again in Fukushima. It was 5150 yen plus 500 yen for the car park. It was cheap because it was a Sunday night.

After we left the hotel we bought some dental floss at this pharmacy. I thought it would be funny to pull the I off their sign.

Then we went fruit picking. We wanted to pick grapes and cherries – but they were all gone. We could only pick apples and nashi. It was 700 yen each for one hours picking and eating. It was all you can eat – but they were so big I could only eat one apple and one nashi before I was full.

We stopped by the side of the road to have coffee and watch the shinkansen go past.

This is a bottle store in Zao. Otentosan means sun in the local dialect.

We arrived in Sendai at about 3:30. Sendai is a big city and we got a bit lost. It took about an hour to find the hotel.


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