Show 200 Sunday 19 November

Watch today’s show at YouTube.

The Road to Hokkaido Tour 2006
Day 19: Kuchan

Today we painted the studio … shop … office … mmm not quite sure what to call it yet – anyway, we painted this room. This is the stuff we used.

I’m the most experienced painter out of the two of us … but I’m still not exactly sure how to do everything properly … I would have looked up painting tips on the net … but we don’t have the internet yet.

Anyway I think we did a pretty good job. Yesterday we cleaned the walls and I filled in the holes. Today we sanded, put tape around everything … then painted the edges with brushes. Hair kept falling out of the brushes. I wonder if this was because it was a useless brush, or because we should have done something to prepare it before we used it or because I bought the wrong kind of brush … when I was buying the stuff it didn’t really occur to me that there might have been different kinds of brushes for different kinds of paint … I just bought one that looked about the right size.

The room looks so much better even after one coat.

Tomorrow we’re going to do another coat. I hope we have enough paint because the paint shop is closed for the next three days.

After painting I did some more cleaning. I cleaned the space between the kitchen and the bathroom. It definitely needed a bit of a clean.

We bought a box of mandarins to celebrate the 200th show. Mandarins are called mikan in Japanese. Sometimes when you buy a box of mikan half of them taste bad.
But we were lucky this time – they were really tasty. Thanks to the efforts of these people.

I put some mikan in the blender with some ice and vodka. Cheers to 200 shows!


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