Show 283 Saturday 10 February

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On Tuesday we went to Sapporo for the snow festival.
We stopped on the way to look at some scenery.

In Sapporo we stayed at a place called Nada.
It was great.

We had soba for lunch. I had soba sushi for the first time.

My favorite part of the snow festival was this hot foot bath.
There was some great Engrish here too.

There were free wheelchairs available so I decided to use one because I have a sore knee.
The wheelchair gave me an interesting view of the city.

We had dinner at the Potato Circus.

We went to a Spanish bar and had some delicious wine.
The bar was great. There was even some live music.

Then we went to another bar and then a club.
This is the inside of the club. Not that you see anything except the mirror ball.

It was snowing pretty heavily on the way home.
After dropping my wheelchair, my drunken driver left me lying in the snow so he could take a photo.

The next day we went to see Tokedai, which is the Sapporo Clock Tower – a famous thing in Sapporo.

We went to Otaru on the way home.
First we visited the Music Box Museum.
It was quite impressive. I was exhausted after walking around for about 10 minutes so I sat down with a bear.

We had coffee at this café. It was really nice. A woman was playing the piano.

We walked around Otaru for a bit and had dinner at a place called Very Very Strawberry.


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