Show 329 Wednesday 28 March

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

The song I recommend today is called: Addicted To YouTube by GiR2007.

I this is a great song to study – the lyrics aren’t too complicated and the lyrics are also in the video description which is useful.

He uses the word furries for his toys. I don’t know if that is a Scottish thing … or just his own personal slang. But I would call those things soft toys.

He says: galipoka rocks!
To rock is a slang verb … I think it’s pretty common. It means: it’s great.
For example: The Daily English Show rocks.
Or … Do you like Fat Freddy’s Drop? Yeah, they rock!

Another line is: I find that a lot of videos on YouTube are shite.
I find means I think.
Shite is another word for shit. It’s a bit of a softer word than shit though, I think.
I quite like the word shite … it has a nice ring to it, I think.
But remember, it is slang – so if you want to use it be careful not to use it in the wrong situation … and if you’re in doubt, then don’t use it at all.


Kia ora in Stick News today according to CNN the next Silicon Valley is in Siberia.

The next Silicon Valley: Siberia
This headline is from CNN’s website.
Wikipedia says: Silicon Valley is the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States. The term originally referred to the region’s large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high tech businesses in the area; it is now generally used as a metonym for the high-tech sector.
According to CNN, the next Silicon Valley is in a place in Russia (Akademgorodok) which translates in English to Academy Town.
This town used to be a thriving academic town.
It had been neglected since the Soviet state collapsed in 1991.
Now the town is experiencing an IT boom.
CNN says Russia is the third-largest software outsourcing destination in the world, after China and India.
Large multinationals are attracted to Academy Town partly because of the low cost of rent, services and salaries.
Intel opened an office there in 2004 and IBM arrived in 2000.
Most of the work for companies in Academy Town comes from outside of Russia. One customer is Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey’s media company. They’ve hired a company called called Axmor to build a web portal.

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 28th of March.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

There was a tiny bit of snow today. So now there’s a light dusting of new snow on top of the old melting snow.

conversations with sarah
#203 Who sings that song?

Step 1: Repeat Keiko’s lines.
Step 2: Read Keiko’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Keiko Who sings that song?

Sarah Addicted to YouTube?

Keiko Yeah.

Sarah GiR2007.

Keiko Did he do the animation too?

Sarah Yeah, he did everything – music, lyrics, animation.

Keiko Are all his videos music videos?

Sarah Yeah, most of them, I think. He has a couple of behind the scenes videos too.

Keiko What happened behind the scenes?

Sarah He was interviewed by some media, like the BBC.

Keiko Where’s he from?

Sarah Scotland.


Today’s news.


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