Show 353 Saturday 21 April

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white shoes
silver key
black road
white van
little kiwi
grey steering wheel
silver car
yellow flags
quiet politicians
loud politicians
big snowman
snowy mountain
purple truck
great shop
red flag
green hose
red chairs
small cabinet
orange chair
old forks
grey heater
pink cushions
plastic boxes
pink foot bath
full van
old buildings
blue sky
orange signs
yellow lines
big blue sign
small blue sign
brown building
green baskets
orange carrots
green cabbages
purple cabbage
plastic bag
New Zealand pumpkin
Taiwanese bananas
fresh wasabi
yellow arrow
yellow sign
orange digger
dirty snow
pretty mountain
rubber rafts
annoying politicians
short bridge
local supermarket
cute snowman
yellow truck
home sweet home


artist: Jampy
album: Rain
track: Rain
from: Napoli, Italy

album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site


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