Show 360 Saturday 28 April

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How to get an Oscar
In ten easy steps

Step 1. An Oscar is a kind of film award, so you need to get involved in a movie. I think being an extra is a good start.

Step 2. Listen carefully to the director’s instructions.

Step 3. Don’t be too disappointed if the chairlift starts going backwards before you get anywhere near the shot. There’s always next time.

Step 4. Make sure you fully understand the signs at the film set.

Step 5. Get plenty of rest between takes.

Step 6. Take lots of photos of the scenery between takes to keep yourself from going stir-crazy.

Step 7. Study the crew closely. Try to remember their names so you can thank them in your acceptance speech.

Step 8. After the break try and get a bit closer to the action so you actually have a chance of being in the shot.

Step 9. If you don’t end up getting in the shot, film it so at least you can prove you were there.

Step 10. Just in case you get overlooked for the Oscar… keep the plastic necklace they give you as a memento.


Can you please react to the action you see.

Ah, thank you.

Ah, OK, this is a test.

OK, the chairlift is starting to move.

Ah, Cut.

The lift is stopping.

Ah, we have a request.

Ah, can we get you to make the reaction as big as possible?

And, the people who are leaning out of the chairlifts, could we get you to lean out about 50 percent more.

Thank you.

So, now, you are in a chairlift with your friends, ah, with three or 4 people in one chairlift.
And, we’d like the reaction to be even bigger. Ah, thank you.

artist: Jampy
album: Rain
track: Little Swing
from: Napoli, Italy
album at Jamendo
artist at Jamendo
artist site


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