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Show 492 Friday 7 September

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On Thursday morning we left home at 10am.
Before we left Nelson we made a special guest appearance at an elementary school.
We told the students the story of Momotaro. We taught them how to count to five in Japanese and had a quick shodo lesson.
We wrote heiwa with paint brushes and black paint.
I thought their shuji was pretty good!

This is the class watching Show 444.

Screw the red parts back on.
Carry the feeder outside, upside down.

And this is the school library. Nice library eh?

After school, we went to the airport in Castlegar.
The woman who checked us in was super nasty … but the guy checking our boarding passes was really nice so at least Castlegar airport doesn’t get zero stars. Maybe one.

This was our plane. Air Canada Jazz.
We had a nice view.
I wonder what a cowl is.

In Vancouver Airport we went to a bar and I did some editing and drank some beer.
Then we got on our next flight. Not a jazz plane this time.

I was really impressed with Air Canada’s entertainment system.
I watched a TV program called Desperate Housewives. I’d never seen that before. It was getting kind of interesting but then we started landing and it stopped.

These were our flight attendants, they were pretty cute.

Not much was going on in Edmonton airport, but we were only there for about an hour.
Then we got back on the plane. There were plugs and USB ports on this plane. Cool. So we charged our iPods and did some work on the computer.
We also watched Spiderman 3. Which was pretty cool. I think it might have been better if I had seen Spiderman one and two though.

Someone met us at Halifax airport. It was so cool. I’ve always wanted to be met at the airport by a person holding my name on a sign.

When we arrived it was 6am local time but 2am BC time and we hadn’t slept on the plane so we were pretty tired. But the woman who drove us to Wolfville was really nice so it was good talking to her.


平和 = へいわ = heiwa = peace




Desperate Housewives