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Show 502 Monday 17 September

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.Today’s guest is Susanne. She’s one of the English language teachers here at Acadia. She has been teaching English for about 12 years and she’s been at Acadia for one year. I asked her why she decided to teach English.

I actually was tutoring Korean students while I was living in Canada way back in ninety … 1996. And at the time I thought I really wanted to visit Korea. So, my first choice was to go to Korea. So I went to Korea for a year and I really enjoyed it. And so then I went to Japan and taught. And so in between the time I was I was tutoring as well. So, teaching in Canada and Korea and Japan and now back in Canada.


Kia Ora in Stick News today, a 22-year-old Canadian was one of the survivors of Sunday’s plane crash in Phuket, Thailand.

On September 17th at 2:30pm flight 269 departed from Bangkok.
The plane was carrying 123 passengers and 7 crew members.
It was due to land in Phuket at 3:50pm.
There were strong winds and heavy rain and moments before landing, the plane crashed and burst into flames.
Eighty nine people died.
A 22-year-old from BC was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape.
She said the guy behind her kicked in a window or a door. He kept kicking it until it finally opened.
“If it hadn’t opened,” she said, “we would have died. It was dark and smoky. I felt like I was going to pass out.”

And that was Stick News for Monday the 17th of September.
Kia Ora.

conversations with sarah
#309 Why did you choose Acadia?

Step 1: Repeat Sarah’s lines.
Step 2: Read Sarah’s lines and talk to Susanne.

Sarah How different is teaching in Japan, Korea and Canada?

Susanne Actually teaching in Korea and in Japan were quite similar because I taught the same kind of classes. Like, I taught children’s classes and business classes – I went to companies and taught at companies, and just regular adult classes.
But teaching in Canada is very, very different. Because the style of teaching here is, I think quite similar like teaching like grade 12 English.
So it’s a different style of teaching. It’s not so much teaching ESL, it’s more teaching EUP or EAP which is English for academic purposes. So it’s very different teaching here in Canada than my teaching experience overseas.

Sarah Why did you choose Acadia?

Susanne Because I went to Acadia and I graduated from Acadia in 93 and love this university and it’s close to my home town anyway. And I’ve always wanted to work here.

Sarah Where are most of the students from?

Susanne Here at Acadia? Actually they’re mostly from China. Um, mostly from China and quite a few from Korea and Japan. Quite a few from Saudi Arabia, or like the Arabian countries, but mostly from China.

Sarah Are the students from the different countries very different?

Susanne No. Really, very similar. And I think they’re probably surprised to realize that as well. Like, because you’ll have a group of students working together and you’ll forget that they’re actually from four or five different countries. They’re all working together, very similar kind of attitudes. So, basically, for the most part, they’re all very similar.

Sarah Why did you love studying at Acadia?

Susanne Because I grew up in a small town, so studying at Acadia is … studying here in Wolfville is like being in small town. And I really like the atmosphere, love the small town atmosphere. It’s close to home. And the university itself is really close and you can become much closer with your professors. I actually studied at Del Housie for two years in Halifax. And that’s a very large university and it felt very impersonal. But I decided to come here to finish my last two years. And it was very personal and much more intimate experience. So, loved it much more.

Sarah What do you most enjoy about teaching?

Susanne I really enjoy it when students get it. When they get something that they don’t understand and when they’re asking and I’m explaining it and when they finally get it and you can see it in your face. I think that’s what makes me enjoy it.


to get = to understand


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