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Show 525 Wednesday 10 October

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Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today, I got an email from someone asking for help with their English.
So today is their lucky day. I’m going to point out some mistakes in their email.
While I’m reading this email, see if you can see what the mistakes are.

Hi how was youre day?
Hi, how was your day?

You’ve used the wrong your there. That’s a classic mistake.
And my day was great, thank you.

First Iwant to know how many times repeat one lesson?
First, I want to know how many times to repeat one lesson.

You shouldn’t use a question mark there because it’s not an actual question.
Also, I think this sounds a bit better:
Could you tell me many times I should repeat one lesson?

And my answer to that question is: until you get sick of it. I think repeating is really important and useful, but it’s important to choose something that you’re interested in to repeat. I would just watch a show once and then if you find it interesting, watch it again and again until you get sick of it.

Second what do I do to remind a word, that I don’t know ?
Second, what do I do to remember a word that I don’t know?

You should use remember there.
Well, there are many methods to remember words. And one is to use it. So, when you pick up a new word, try to use it as much as possible in conversation and use it when you’re writing, because the more often you use it the more likely you are to remember the word.

Third how can I underestand a word or sentences if I don’t want look from dictionary , is it possible or not .
Third, how can I understand a word or sentences without looking them up in a dictionary? Is this possible?

You’ve spelled understand wrong there.

Yes, it’s definitely possible. You can try and guess what a word means from the context. And I think it’s a very useful and important skill.

And the email goes on from there.
And my final piece of advice today is this: use spell check.

Spell check won’t solve all your problems, but it is very useful.

I use Word and I have that thing turned on where you can see a squiggly red line under a word that could be spelt wrong.
I think that’s a great way to improve my spelling. That line could be there because it’s a new word like blog, but it also could be there because I don’t know how to spell the word.
And when I see it, first I try and correct the mistake myself, and if I can’t work it out, then I look it up. And after I’ve made the same mistake a few times, then eventually I remember how to spell it.
It’s really useful to know how to spell, even if you are on a computer because it’s much faster if you spell everything correctly the first time.


Kia Ora this is Stick News. Today is the World Day Against the Death Penalty. Thousands of people across the globe are taking part in initiatives to protest capital punishment.

When a state agrees to kill a person as punishment for a crime, it’s called capital punishment or the death penalty.
Wikipedia says the death penalty used to be used by nearly all societies.
But now many countries and states have abolished the practice. Including almost all countries in Europe, the South Pacific and Latin America and Canada.
Places where the death penalty still exists include the United States, Guatemala, most of the Caribbean and the majority of democracies in Asia and Africa.
In 2003, the first World Day Against the Death Penalty took place. The event was launched by the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.
The coalition says on their website that their ultimate objective is “to obtain the definitive abolition of death sentences and executions in those countries where the death penalty is in force.”

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 10th of October.
Kia Ora.

What do you think of the death penalty?

Honestly, truthfully, um, I’m not exactly against it for one reason. I know that if it was me, and you leave me alone and you touch somebody that’s mine, I will kill you. So, let them get you before I do.
Well, it depends on the situation, because if it’s like, if someone’s murdered, like, death for death, I don’t find is right. So, it really depends on the situation, I guess, for now. And of course other countries believe different things too. So … but, here, I don’t really believe that’s right.

I think it’s wrong because you don’t know … what happens if someone’s innocent? You can’t exactly go back on it.

Um, I really don’t think that it should be up to us to decide who lives, who dies, um, it … I don’t want that responsibility and I don’t feel like I can trust someone else with that either.

I think, um, I don’t necessarily agree with it completely. But I also don’t agree with um, guys, like someone committing a crime, like murder and then being let out of prison years later and then recommitting that crime. So either way, I don’t necessarily agree with it, but at the same time, I don’t agree with not having it.

conversations with sarah
#325 Do you agree with the death penalty?

Step 1: Repeat Jenny’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jenny’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Sarah Do you agree with the death penalty?

Jenny Yes.

Sarah Really? Why?

Jenny I think some crimes are so bad that they deserve it.

Sarah Like killing people?

Jenny Yes. And I think it helps the families of the victims.

Sarah Really? But from what I’ve read often the victims’ families don’t actually support the death penalty.

Jenny So you don’t support it?

Sarah No.

Jenny How about when a person kills a lot of people?

Sarah No matter what they do, I don’t agree. I don’t think we can really stop killing by killing more.

Jenny Well, how can we stop it?

Sarah Well, maybe we can’t. But if the death penalty doesn’t even help, then we shouldn’t do it.

Jenny But they need to be punished for their crime.

Sarah Yeah, maybe. But anyway, you can punish people without killing them. And what about all the wrongful convictions? There are a lot of them. And once someone is dead, that’s it.


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World Day Against the Death Penalty

Death Penalty at Wikipedia


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