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Show 242 Sunday 31 December

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Sunday Kitchen #30 Toshikoshi Soba

Have a great New Year’s Eve!

Sarah xxx


Show 240 Friday 29 December

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The Daily English Show has a special guest for the first time ever!
It would be great to have more guests on the show – so please come and visit if you’re in Niseko.
Everyone is welcome … but preference given to cute babies, of course : )


Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show. Today, for the first time I have a special guest on the show. So I’d like you to meet Shion.
Shion is from Tokyo but is in Hokkaido for a couple of days.


Kia ora, this is Stick News. Hawaii’s new smoke-free law has been in place for over a month. Smoking in bars and restaurants is now illegal but officials are still in the process of educating tourists about the ban.

Millions of people in the world enjoy smoking tobacco. Unfortunately it isn’t very healthy for the person smoking it or for the people around them.
So many countries have recently passed new laws banning smoking in public places.
Last month the Smoke-Free Hawaii Law went into effect.
Smoking is now banned in all public places such as restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, malls, and airports.
There are already similar laws in 13 other states in America so officials say Americans are used to the policies.
But some are worried about international visitors. The largest group of foreign tourists to Hawaii are Japanese and some people are worried they won’t immediately adjust or understand the new policies.
In Japan it’s still OK to smoke in most restaurants and bars.

Some people (in Hawaii) are worried about the effect the ban will have on tourism. But according to the state Health Department, most residents and tourists said they favor the new law.
And that was Stick News for Friday the 29th of December.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

Today a special guest from Tokyo visited the studio. So we took him out for lunch.
He ate rice.
Then we went to Hirafu. We drove past the gondola and saw a really big queue. I think it was because it was windy so they slowed the gondola down. There isn’t usually a queue at the gondola.
We went to a bar in Hirafu.
It was the first time Shion had been to a bar. He seemed to really enjoy himself.

conversations with sarah
#147 Where did you find the baby?

Step 1: Repeat Kaoru’s lines.
Step 2: Read Kaoru’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Kaoru Where did you find the baby?

Sarah He’s my boyfriend’s nephew.

Kaoru Nephew? What does that mean?

Sarah Nephew means your brother or sister’s son.

Kaoru Oh, that’s right.

Sarah If it’s a girl, it’s called a niece.

Kaoru Do you have any nieces or nephews?

Sarah Yeah, I have one niece. My sister has a daughter.


Today’s news.

Show 239 Thursday 28 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

So, I’ve decided what I’m going to do for New Year’s Eve. I’m going to snowboard down the mountain holding a torch. I watched this event last year – I came to Niseko for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

Last year I watched and this year I’m going to participate. Anyone can do it – you just have to go and register.
So that’s going to be interesting. I wonder if I’ll be able to get to the bottom without crashing into someone with a burning torch.

And today I tried drawing with this. So you’ll be able to see my masterpieces in questionanswer today.


Kia ora this is Stick News. In New Zealand a local council is helping parents pay for nappies in an effort to reduce waste.

Many parents use disposable nappies because they can’t be bothered washing cloth nappies. Disposable nappies are convenient – but disposing of them is an expensive task for councils.
Nappy waste occupies 2 per cent of the total waste system and costs ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each baby who uses disposables puts two tonnes of waste into New Zealand landfills during their infancy.
To reduce waste Christchurch City Council wanted to encourage parents to use cloth nappies. So they introduced a Nappy Subsidies Scheme. Under this scheme, the council subsidizes starter packs of washable fitted nappies.
The scheme began as a trial last month and more than 600 packs have now been sold.

The Christchurch City Council says the trial scheme has been such a success they decided to continue for another month.
And that was Stick News for Thursday the 28th of December.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

It started snowing tonight for the first time in ages. Good, good.

conversations with sarah
#146 What did you do last New Years?

Step 1: Repeat Jen’s lines.
Step 2: Read Jen’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Jen What did you do last New Years?

Sarah Watched TV until just before midnight and then went up the mountain for the countdown.

Jen What did you watch on TV?

Sarah Kohaku, Pride and K1.

Jen What’s Kohaku?

Sarah It’s a Japanese New Year show. It’s a kind of singing competition.

Jen Is it popular?

Sarah I think it used to be but the ratings have been dropping recently.

Jen How was the K1 and Pride?

Sarah Not that great from what I remember.


Today’s news.
More about today’s news.
Christchurch City Council.

Show 238 Wednesday 27 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.

When I was looking for videos on YouTube for the Christmas video, I noticed something interesting – that a lot of Americans didn’t say Merry Christmas they said Happy Holidays instead.

I thought that was curious because I’ve never come across that before. I don’t know it’s a new thing or if people have been saying happy holidays for a long time.

In NZ and in Japan people say Merry Christmas and I’ve never heard of anyone not wanting to say it.

So – I guess it is something to do with religion … which seems kind of odd to me because when I say Merry Christmas it doesn’t have any religious meaning … it’s just like saying cheers or “have a nice day”!

And I think it’s an interesting language topic – so if you have an American English teacher or friend then it could be interesting to ask them if they say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and ask them why.


Kia ora in Stick News today the Australian government is recruiting spies.
They’re looking for people with foreign language ability – especially Chinese and Arabic.

Australian spies who work at home, work for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO).
The spies who work overseas, work for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS).
ASIO spies are responsible for protecting the country against terrorism, sabotage and spies from other countries.
Apparently, China has recently been sending lots of spies to Australia. They pretend to be diplomats or businesspeople.
So the ASIO has been recruiting spies who speak Chinese.
ASIO hasn’t confirmed the increases in Chinese-speaking spies, but says they’ve been on a major recruitment drive since the September 2001 attacks in the United States. They now have 1200 spies. This is double the number of spies they had in 2001. And they aim to increase that number to 2000.

According to newspaper reports most new Australian spies are fluent in Chinese – but the spy organisation is having less success recruiting Arabic speakers.
And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 27th of December.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

It rained today. This is what snow looks like on the street after a lot of rain.

conversations with sarah
#145 Do people celebrate Christmas in Japan?

Step 1: Repeat Natalie’s lines.
Step 2: Read Natalie’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Natalie Do people celebrate Christmas in Japan?

Sarah Yeah, some people do. It’s not a religious holiday for most people though.

Natalie What do they celebrate then?

Sarah It’s just a fun event – like Halloween. But for most people it’s just a normal day so they work. I think young couples are probably the most likely to do something for Christmas.

Natalie How do they celebrate?

Sarah A typical thing might be that a couple goes out for a romantic dinner and the guy gives the girl a present like jewelry … and then they go for a walk and look at Christmas lights.

Natalie Do they eat any special food?

Sarah Oh, yeah, there’s Christmas cake … but it’s not the same as what people call Christmas cake in New Zealand.

Natalie What kind of cake is it?

Sarah It’s a kind of sponge cake with strawberries on top.


Today’ s news.

Show 237 Tuesday 26 December

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to The Daily English Show.
I hope you had a great Christmas day yesterday and Boxing Day today!

Thanks to everyone in Niseko who took part in my Christmas video. I’m not sure if they will all actually remember taking part.
And thanks to everyone who took part in my first YouTube collaboration. I hope they don’t mind.
Yes, it was super lazy style collaboration – I just filmed the computer screen : )

I tried to reply to some of the comments – but YouTube seems to be going through a disappearing comment phase. Maybe it’s something to do with the HOT BRAZILIAN GIRLS … I don’t know.

Anyway I got a couple of Christmas presents and one of them was a donkey.
Wow. A few days ago I was a regular person and now I’m a donkey owner.
I’m pretty happy about this because … it’s cute and I don’t actually have to take care of it or anything.

I don’t know where my donkey is but apparently it is helping a family living in poverty.
So I hope the donkey is happy and I hope the family is happy too.


Kia ora this is Stick News. James Brown died early yesterday morning. He was 73.

James Joseph Brown was born in South Carolina in 1933.
As a child he helped support his family by picking cotton and shining shoes.
When he was 16 he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to a juvenile detention center.
Brown stayed in prison for 3 years. Then he became a boxer, then a baseball pitcher, then a musician.
He was married 4 times and had another 2 year stint in prison from 1988 after various offences relating to violence, drugs and driving.
Brown had many hits.
Wikipedia says he was a prolific singer, songwriter, bandleader and record producer.
Brown was a seminal force in the evolution of gospel and rhythm and blues into soul and funk. He left his mark on numerous other musical genres, including rock, jazz, reggae, disco, dance and electronic music, afrobeat, and hip-hop.
Throughout his career, Brown had many nicknames including Soul Brother Number One, Mr. Dynamite, the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business, Minister of The New New Super Heavy Funk, Mr. Please Please Please, and The Boss.
But his most well-known title was the Godfather of Soul.

James Brown died of heart failure which was related to pneumonia. And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 26th of December.
Kia Ora.

the snow report

The conditions were really good on the mountain on Saturday. I took some photos from the top of the mountain at 10 to five. It gets dark really early.

conversations with sarah
#144 What happened to your eye?

Step 1: Repeat Nobu’s lines.
Step 2: Read Nobu’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Nobu What happened to your eye?

Sarah This?

Nobu Yeah. Did someone punch you in the face?

Sarah Yeah.

Nobu Really?!?

Sarah No. I just fell over on the mountain.

Nobu When you were snowboarding?

Sarah Yeah.

Nobu That’s a strange place to injure yourself.

Sarah Yeah, you have to be a pretty talented snowboarder to fall over and smack your face into the mountain.